Manjari Sankurathri Memorial Foundation (MSMF) was incorporated in Canada in 1989 by Dr. Chandrasekhar Sankurathri, Dr. Sarma Vishnubhatla, and Mr. Sushil Chari to remember, Manjari, wife of Dr. Sankurathri, their son Srikiran, and daughter Sarada, who were killed in the bombing of the Air India Flight 182, from Montreal, Canada, to London, England, over Ireland on June 23, 1985.

Since its inception MSMF has financially supported, Education, Health Care, and Disaster Relief programs started by Sankurathi Foundation, a Family Trust, which was created in India by Dr. Sankurathri with other family members.

In the 30 years of its long history, MSMF has been managed by many individuals on its Board. Below, is a list to acknowledge their contribution (those who are currently on the Board are in the Governance section):

1989 – 1993Mr. Sushil Chari
1991 – 1996Mr. Santosh Chari
1991 – 1993Mr. B. M. Chinnappa
1993 – 2003Dr. K. Ram Murthy
1993 – 1996Dr. A. Anantaraman
1996 – 1999Mr. Marc-Andre Cote
1996 – 2007Mme. Michelle Danis
1997 – 2001Dr. Rao Divi
1998 – 2004Mr. Ramamurthy Gopisetty
1998 –1999Mrs. Meg Myers
1999 –2010Mr. Norbert Boyce
1999 – 2002Mr. Chandrakant Gajaria
1999 – 2009Mr. Krishna Gupta
2001 – 2009Mr. Giri Gadhiraju
2002 – 2007Mrs. Nilambri Singh Ghai
2003 – 2010Ms. Salima Somji
2007 – 2015Mr. Andre Trepanier
2008 – 2012Dr. Bala Madaparthi
2008 – 2016Mrs. Rosemary Bickerton
2010 – 2012Mrs. Vijaya Sitaram
2010 – 2013Dr. Eswar Prasad
2013 – 2016Mr. Pierre Barbeau
2016 – 2017Dr. Marie Louise Lapointe
2014 – 2019Ms. Allison Haggart
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